There are several thoughts owned by everyone. Based on their thoughts everyone has their own beliefs. Their beliefs are either increased or decreased when they question. Questioning is human nature. When a child the family is eager to question whether it’s a boy or a girl. When he gets a bit older, they start to teach him several things depending upon their interest and their status in society. And when he starts to question, they think that he/she is using his capabilities to observe. Well, that’s true the child does use his capabilities and more often the thing he does not understand the questions.


The importance of questioning is as much as one can understand. But the only problem in our country is that whom should we question? To whom shall we go for the answers? Who will counsel us? Who will not judge us by anything else but simply a seeker of answers?


  • Man has always been a seeker and will always be! He was a seeker when he could not find food. He was a seeker when he didn’t know how to hunt. He was a seeker when he didn’t know how to plant. He was a seeker of how to tolerate the weather. He was a seeker when he had to rule and conquer. He was a seeker when he had to inspire. Man has always been a seeker from the building of Pyramids to the Grand Trunk Road, invading different lands to invading outer space, learning how to walk on foot, voyages in the sea to voyage on Mars. The man was, is and will always be a seeker, questioning and finding the answers. It may take time, money and ages but the curiosity of finding the answers never dies.
  • This seek never ends, this voyage sees no shore, this mystery never resolves and it always gives rise to new questions like before. But this also raises the mystery of answers! A child sees that his parents, especially his mom know everything. Indeed, that is the first source of learning for everyone. But as he grows, he sees several others and despite agreeing or disagreeing with them, there is an initiation of conflict. The same happens for their respect of their father or teacher or grandparents or for whoever they keep themselves attached to.


The only thing that we as a society do not play our part for something is rather than taking one side in a child’s conflict, declaring one right and another wrong. It is better to teach them the importance of questioning, patience, respect and try to generate the never-ending thirst of QUESTIONING, forever. The quench of thirst for questioning and finding the right answer shall not be forsaken at any cost. Unfortunately, in our society, if a child asks a question to his parents against their opinion or order or in their sense, he is questioning their authority that child will be tagged as disrespectful. A similar happens in every field, as for the priests, we are afraid to be declared as a disbeliever. And when this stops it will change the world.


It’s easy to land a man on Mars than to change our education system,” says ELON MUSK.

  • The first step in learning is education in our layman’s language. But what everyone misunderstands is that learning never ends. It starts from birth and might continue after death when you come to face whether there is life after death or not. This learning pattern starts from the mother’s lap and ends at the grave. Education is never complete even if you are a thousand years old person. It continuously improves, evolves and increases day by day. Education can be defined in many ways but the statement I love the most is; EDUCATION IS THE THIRST FOR KNOWLEDGE. This quench is filled now in modern days by having degrees. By having many qualification medals but the KNOWLEDGE is lost to everyone.
  • Let’s go back to our history for a moment. The greatest scholars we all believe are from Greece but were there schools or colleges? There were not any but still, it produced many of the great scholars who ruled the field of science for about a thousand years. The major Greek philosophers formed a heritage not only in the field of science but also left a major impact on human history. The heritage started from Socrates to Plato to Aristotle and then to Alexander The Great. This lineage shows one thing that it is not the school system which produces greatness, it’s the teacher. None of them went to high-standard schools but their impact is now taught in schools. Another major dynasty that took place in the world was of 7th to 20th-century Muslims. But the major impact of 7th and 8th century Arabians. About whom the Roman emperor said that these are ruthless people even God himself if comes among them, he cannot civilize them but the world saw the superpowers of that time, and both Romans and Persians fell to them. They also had a teacher.
  • Well, these are some historical world conquerors, let’s visit the world of inventors now. The one who invented the bulb, Thomas Alva Edison, was stuck off from school, music Shakira was ruled out of music school and if we come to sports there is a never-ending list starting from Imran Khan and extending to CR7. The major problem in our education system is that the most brilliant students of a class are selected for the majors in either medicine, engineering or law. After that, all the other students who are not good at their studies are there for becoming teachers. And after that troublesome are selected for being leading in religious matters and studying religion. The worst is that the most troublesome in a class are selected to be the policymakers for nation. They are being chosen for politics. They become politicians and are involved in policy-making and destroying the nation.
  • This destruction is not done overnight that is for sure but there should be some standards for everything. As for talking about the education system, it is not enabling the students to learn but it is just creating some kind of machine that can memorize. Our exams do not check the ability of learning of our students instead it checks the memorising ability of our students. And then there is a sense of competition due to the lack of opportunities. As if it is the law of jungle that only the fittest can survive. Due to this many students are unable to explore their hidden abilities. As the abilities are lost and not found or improved, those abilities die. And later on, they are accused of being irresponsible.

Everyone is a genius but if you will ask a fish to climb a tree, it will try its lifetime to climb but it will not and think, I am dumb,” says Elbert Einstein.

  • Such a system where students’ capabilities are judged by their grades, their families feel ashamed of them because of their poor results and most important society thinks of them as taboo. This leads to several psychological and social problems. Leading t social anarchy and saying nowadays society is not safe. All this could be improved by first changing our minds, and being determined to change and accept reality. Allowing children to explore and then change the trends of society, improvising the syllabus, and developing the mind’s abilities to explore beyond limits.
  • When there are limits you are restricted, being limitless makes you unstoppable but be in a positive way. And then make the policy makers the students themselves. They know the current problems on the ground level better than anyone. And the most important point, it produces good teachers. They are not only good at teaching the subject but also good at identifying the abilities of the students, and then guiding them in their way. And producing a nation from a crowd and enabling us to compete the world in every field.

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