Top Eleven Most Beautiful Animals in the World


ALLAH has created millions of species on this planet. Every specie is different and marvelous in its nature and specificity Their way of hunting, and living is different from others. Also, there are some beautiful animals in the world, which carry a different identity due to their beauty. Some are described below:


Penguins are mostly found in polar regions like Antarctica. They are the most social of their kind and live in units. They can also control the blood flow to their limbs. They can see better in water than on the land and have short eye-sight. They can drink the water of the ocean by filtering it through their special gland. They like to slide on their bellies and dive in the water. Their shading helps them to protect themselves from predators. They like humans and love to play with them.

Snow Leopards:

They are found in the different countries of Central Asia. They are mostly present in the polar regions because they are adapted to the cold. Their food is vegetables and grass, but they also hunt for goats and other animals. They like to live in solitude and are very shy. Their number is rapidly declining due to illegal human activities. They are very good at hiding from others, so are difficult to find. They are famous by the name Ghost of Mountains. Unlike other big cats of nature, they can’t roar.

White Bengal Tigers:

This is the rarest specie of tigers found on Earth. The wild white tigers don’t exist because they are grown in captivity. Their numbers have declined to nothing because of hunting in the past. Only a few hundred white tigers are present in the world. They have remarkable eyesight during the night. If we talk about swimming, they are also very good at it. They run at a speed of around 50-60 miles/hr and have blue eyes. They like to live alone, and their food is meat.


This is a specie of cat that is found in the regions of the African and Asian Continent. The food is mainly birds, rodents, and other small animals. Males are larger than compared to females. They are good jumpers and also have the ability to climb. Their distinguishing nature from other cats is their tufted ears. They are lonely creatures and come near the female during the mating season. Females mostly nourish their offspring because males can eat them if they are hungry. Females have a short gestation period and a life span of around fifteen years.


These beautiful creatures are found in different regions like Iceland, Greenland, and also other polar regions. They are marvelous at swimming and diving. Their food is mainly the small sea fish. When they choose a partner, they live with them their whole life. The shade of their beak changes with time to attract the males. They are very sophisticated and use a separate place for toilet purposes. They have a longer lifespan of their kind. These seabirds are not less in their number, but we should take precautions to protect them.

Arctic Fox:

Arctic foxes are found in the polar regions, mostly in the Northern Countries. They hunt for small animals like fish and also eat insects. They also eat the remains of prey of polar bears. They dug complex tunnels in the ground to live. They live with their partner for a lifetime. The shade of their fur changes in every season. They can’t survive for much longer in the wild, but can live longer in captivity. They have an excellent sense of hearing and smell.


These large birds are found in the different regions of Africa, America, Asia, and Europe. They are present mostly around the water reserves like lakes. They migrate from one place to another during the night. They feed their offspring with milk that is produced by both males and females. They are shy and like to live in groups. Their food is carotenoid-containing organisms, which give them pink color. The flamingo is the national bird of the Bahamas, a country in the Caribbean. They are well organized when they march because they do so in one direction.

Fennec Fox:

Fennec fox is the cutest animal of its kind. They are found in different countries around the world, and also in deserts like the Sahara. They can eat anything like insects, fruits, and vegetables because they are omnivorous. Females are usually smaller than males and live together for life. They live in groups like a family and hunt mostly at night. They can survive the intense cold and hot temperatures. They use their big ears to hear the movements of prey. They have a layer on their eyes that protects them from sunlight.

Snowy Owl:

They are mostly found in the areas of North America. They prefer to live in wide and treeless areas like grasslands. In summer, they migrate to the Northern areas, and in winter, they move to the Southern areas. They have an excellent hearing capability, which makes them remarkable hunters. They have brilliant eyesight, which helps to keep an eye on their prey. Male and females live together in their whole life. They hunt during the day, unlike other owls. They have to hunt to impress their females for mating.

Amur Leopard:

These leopards are found in the different areas of Russia and China. Their number has declined and are now considered rare. Their food is mainly the big animals like deer. They are good swimmers along with the top speed. They can survive the harsh conditions of different seasons. They hunt for their prey during the darkness of night. They like to live alone and also have the ability to climb trees. Their hunt is considered illegal, and we should try to produce opportunities for their survival.

Leafy Sea Dragon:

These marvelous creatures are found in the coastal waters of Australia. They have an excellent ability to blend with marine leaves, helping them to remain protected from predators. Their food is mainly small marine animals like crustaceans. When they feel threatened by a predator, they use their spines for protection. They have an average life span of 8-10 years. Their collection as a pet or for selling purposes has been declared against the law. Another contributing factor to the decline in their number is pollutants. Males have the responsibility to nourish the eggs of the females.

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