Hunger and few of its Types


Hunger is a condition in which a person’s need for something increases and he can’t control that feeling or state. If this need is not fulfilled, it increases with time. And we are not talking about food only, this hunger can be for anything that could be materialistic or moral. Some of its aspects are described below:

Hunger for Knowledge:

In this condition, the person’s need for knowledge and information increases. We can’t say rather it is wrong or right, but we can argue about the means he uses to gain this knowledge and fulfil his thirst. We can’t judge whether this knowledge will be beneficial or not based on the means he used. But the hunger for knowledge should always remain positive. One should not have that thirst to harm others.

Hunger for Food:

Everyone is aware of this term and the majority has almost endured it. We are not talking about the regular hunger that we feel when we are not able to eat for some time due to busy hours. Rather it is a situation when someone can’t get food to eat for a longer period. If this duration of hunger increases, it leads to starvation. This occurs if the society can’t provide its members with means of earning or enough earnings. Today the world is suffering from this disaster and millions of people are dying due to a shortage of food.

Hunger for Wealth:

It is not bad or wrong to have money. Anyone can have as much as he wants. But the point of debate is the way he uses to get that number. If he works hard, gives his best in the very field he is associated with, or does something else positive or legal, it is good to have a lot of money because he is improving the facilities for his family and himself. But, he should also use it for the ease of other people according to his capacity. If he has used the wrong ways, it could be beneficial for him for some time. But, in the long run, it will possibly be troublesome for him.

Hunger for Desire:

As we know, the other word we use for it is lust. For someone unable to control himself, it makes him susceptible to committing crimes. And it does not affect those who can bear it. But ALLAH has provided us with ways to control it. One can marry someone to meet his desire, which is a good and beautiful way of controlling it. But some people chose the wrong way to control it which leads to their moral and also social destruction. It I natural to have sexual desire, but it depends on us how we treat it.

Hunger for Power:

Power is the most beautiful and astonishing thing. Whoever holds the power, can make decisions for others and himself. It’s upon us how we use that power to affect our surroundings. If that hunger is positive and we want to use it to help the oppressed people, then it’s a blessing. If the fact is the opposite that we want the power to demoralize, defame and enslave others, then it’s no less than a curse. In the end, people chose the one who helped them in their misery. They hate the person who inflicted pain upon them.
So we should always be helpful to humanity irrespective of their religion, colour and language.

Hunger for Honor:

Honour or respect, it o something that has to be earned. It never comes with you when you are born. Respect is something that is given to you when you value something or someone. It comes to you when you achieve a goal in your life. It comes when you do a good deed or you proved to be helpful to someone in need of your help. We can’t earn it by force or by oppressing someone. The respect that is earned through force is not respect, rather it is their fear of you. If you have been disrespectful or cruel to them, they will never remember you as a good soul. To earn respect and be useful to others, so that after your death, they could say that he/she/other was a nice person.


In short, hunger for anything can be bad or good. We are the ones that make it bad or good through our actions. If we use this hunger in the right direction for the right purpose, we can earn respect, love of others and success.  But, if we take hunger in the wrong direction, it will lead us to devaluation, demoralization, and hatred. So always be positive and chose the right way so that you can end well in this life and hereafter.

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