Top Eleven Dangerous Birds in the World


Generally,  birds are considered to be the sweetest and calm creatures in the world. And the people also love them and also keep them in their homes as a pet. But there are some exceptions because some birds in the world are so dangerous that they could take your life. And some incidents of human deaths due to them are also recorded. So we should be careful if we see any of them around us. Some of them are described below:


This bird was declared the most dangerous bird in the world in “The Guinness Book of World Records” in 2007. It is mostly found in the different areas of Australia. They are birds but can’t fly and mostly live in the rain forests. Three types of their species are found, and they can also swim in the water. Female cassowaries are mostly bigger than male cassowaries. With the ability of high jumping, they can also run very fast. They are omnivores, but the fruits are their favorite. They have a loud voice, and are very fierce when disturbed. Furthermore, they can injure or kill humans if they disturb them. So we should avoid them if we see them around, otherwise, we can get in trouble:

European Herring Gulls:

These are mostly found in the areas of the UK. These birds like to live around the coastal areas, and cliffs, but also live in the cities. In cities, They make their nest very close to each other on the roofs of buildings and houses. Because it protects them from any danger, If they sense that they are in danger, they all fly together in the sky and give a gesture of strength. So that they could make their enemy run away. They eat everything including fish, eggs, seeds, fruits, insects, and whatever they could catch. They are very noisy and can also mimic the sound of rain with the tapping of their feet. This strategy makes the worms and other creatures come out of the ground, and they eat them.

Australian Magpie:

These birds are mostly found native to Australia and New Guinea. These are omnivores in their nature and eat anything they can get. There are about nine species of them, and they mostly walk on the ground. They have many other names like the flute bird, term bell and piping crow. When spring arrives, a few of the male magpies become aggressive and can attack if their nest is disturbed. These are mostly fed by the households of the country. They are also known as the songbirds. They are territorial in their way of living.

Crowned Eagle:

The crowned eagles which are known as African crowned eagles are found in the areas of Africa. They make their nest in the woodlands and build them every year. Thy have the large breeding time compared to any other bird. They have the average life span of 25-30 years. They breed every second year and in their own nest. Furthermore, they take care of their chicks for almost one year. These eagles are listed as the endangered species and their number is declining with time. Their prey are mostly smalls and include mammals, reptiles, and many others.

Peregrine Falcon:

These fearless hunters are found all over the world, except in Antarctica. These are the fastest birds alive and fly with the speed of around 400 km/hr. The female falcons are much heavier than that of male falcons. Male falcon return to their partners in the mating season. If they feel that they are in danger, they can even attack on the larger predators. They make their nest on the rocks and nourish their children there until they are grown. These deadly hunters may look like crow and are use by humans for many purposes. Once they see their prey, they keep a close on him. These birds are very important for the maintenance of our agriculture aspects, as they keep the harmful warms etc. away from crops.

Mute Swans:

These birds are found in many countries of the world. The female swans are called by the name pens and the male swans are called as cobs. These birds are very heavy, around 11-14 kg, and the weight of their egg lies between 300-400 grams. They have very powerful wings and can attack if they sense that they are in danger. The young swans are known as cygnets, and they can form pairs from about two years of age. They make noises, and it is considered that they sing-song when near to death. They like to swim in the water and are said to be the 5th heaviest bird.

Barred Owls:

Barred owls are mostly found native to the Eastern North America. Now they are extending their range to North America. They have also managed to enter the Canada and California. Female owls are larger than the male owls. They favorite habitat is open woodlands. They can make other bird’s nest for themselves. Not only that, but they can scare humans and are violent creatures if they are angry due to some reason. They are kind of predators which don’t miss the opportunity. They are good at climbing and also do the fishing. Not only that, but they are very patient when doing the hunting.

Great Horned Owls:

Great horned owls are very impressive birds and are mostly found in the native America. Females are larger than the males with high-pitched voice while the males have deeper voice. Their food includes many species like the fishes, insects, reptiles, worms, mice, rabbits, and many others. They die mostly due to the poisonous foods which they eat from crops. Likewise, they breed in the late winter and in this way the young owls have time to learn some skills for living. They hunt during the night, but also in the daylight during winter. They can rotate their head to some extent and make their nests on rocks, cliffs and also in the already made nests of the large birds. Furthermore, they can adapt to the change in habitat if their nest is there.

Red Tailed Hawk:

These Hawks are found in almost everywhere in the world, but especially where the territory is large and wide. The females are a bit larger than the male hawks. They have a very loud voice and often used in the movies. The males show their flying capability in the sky to impress the females. When they mate, they live together for a lifetime. They can eat everything, but their favorites are reptiles like the snakes and lizard and also rodents like the rabbits. They have remarkable eyesight and can see their prey from a very large distance. Their average life span is between 15-20 years, but can be increased up to 30 years if they are kept in the captivity. They are very adapting in nature to the changes in the habitats. They can fly with the speed of about 50 miles/hr on average.

Bearded Vulture:

These are mostly found in the areas of Asia, Africa and Southern Europe.  Their food is mainly the bones of animals. When other predators have eaten the flesh, they go for the bones. Sometimes they catch a prey and throw it down from a height to kill him. So other predators eat its flesh, leaving the bones behind for the vultures. Female vultures are much larger than the male ones. Their stomach contains such acids that digest the bones. They protect their large territory every time and keep a close eye on their preys.

Golden Eagle:

Golden eagle is the national bird of different countries in the world. In different cultures, it is the symbol of different things. It is found mostly in the North America, Eastern Europe, and Asia. Eastern U.S. is considered to be the place where they migrate during winter. They live in the forests, also on cliffs, and eat smaller animals like the rabbits and also the big ones like deer and foxes and others. The male dives in the sky in a different pattern to impress the female. They fly with the speed of about 140-60 km/hr, and their bodies have been found to contain abundant lead metal. It is because of the bodies of animals died due to the bullets of hunters. Their average life span is about 25-35 years. They can rotate their heads to some extent like owls.






































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