Top Eleven Deadly Cricketers in the World (1)


In sports, each game has its skill, method of playing, and passion it carries in its players. Similarly, many games in the world are played and enjoyed like hockey, football, table tennis, and many others. One of these games is cricket, whose fame is rising day by day like a fire in the forest. The reason behind all of this is the players that take their game as an ultimate passion and try to give their best. Some of these players whose names will be written in golden words in the cricket history are described below:

Sir Vivian Richards:

Sir Vivian Richards is known as the “king of the cricket“. He was born in March 1952 in Antigua, which was a part of the Leeward Islands. Since his childhood, he was very passionate about cricket and joined a cricket club when he was about 18. He used to do a part-time job for earnings. In 1972, He played his first match against the Windward Islands. In 1973, He joined the Lansdowne cricket club. In 1974, he went to Taunton to become a professional cricket player. He played his first professional match in the Benson and Hedges cups.

In November 1974, he was chosen for the national cricket team of West Indies and played against India in a Test series. In 1975, He was chosen by the ODI team of west indies and won the world up for his team. In 1977, he was awarded the”Wisden Cricketer of the Year“. In 1979, he took his team to the final and again won the world cup. In the 1983 world cup, he was again in the final, but could not defeat Indian Cricketers. In 1976, he made 1710 scores in test matches and made a world record. This record was broken by Muhammad Yousuf in 2006 who made 1788 scores. In 1984, he made another world record by making the 189 scores in an ODI. That record was also broken by a Pakistani Player Saeed Anwar in 1997 who made 194 scores.

In 1985, he became the captain of his team and took his retirement in 1991. In 1986, He made the record for the fastest century in 56 balls. That was also broken by Brendon McCullum on 54 balls in 2016. He made many other records in the cricket, some of those were broken and some are still present. His full name is Sir Issac, Vivian Alexander Richards.

Brendon McCullum:

Brendon Barrie McCullum, another shining star in cricket, was born in 1981 in New Zealand. His father and his elder brother were also cricket players. He started his journey in 1996, playing in under seventeen. Then he also played in 2000 under nineteen World Cups. He played his first national match in 2002 against Australia. In 2010, he made 116 scores against Australia and won the “International Performance of the Year” award by ICC. In 2012, he was made the captain of the New Zealand team.

His team was defeated by South Africa after making only 45 scores. Then, he helped his team to get better and after that, a remarkable journey of their success started. In 2015, New Zealand was defeated in the semifinal of the World Cup. He made the record by making the fastest century in 54 balls. In this way, he broke the record of Sir Vivian Richard’s record of making a century in 56 balls. He was awarded the “Sports New Zealand Leader” award in 2016. He played as a wicket-keeper Batsman for his team and was known as an aggressive player. Furthermore, he retired from cricket in the year 2016 and left with making records in cricket history.

Shahid Afridi:

Shahid Afridi is known as the game-changer and was born in March 1980 in Pakistan. He was an all-rounder because he was a spinner, as well as a batsman. He started his carrier at the age of 14 playing for Karachi. Then he was chosen to play in a series against Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Kenya. He made a century against Sri Lanka on 37 balls, and this episode of hitting became the reason for his fame. Then he continued his batting but got slow with time due to multiple reasons. In 2005, he made a century on 45 balls and got the title of “Boom Boom“. In the 2007 Twenty-Twenty World Cup, he was awarded the “Man of the Tournament” award. He retired from test cricket in 2010, and one day cricket in 2015. He retired from cricket entirely in 2017. Furthermore, he founded the “Shahid Afridi Foundation“, which is fulfilling the needs of poor and needy people.

AB de Villiers:

He is famous by the name “Mr. 360 Degree” and was born in September 1984 in South Africa. His father is a doctor, so he was kept fit always by his family. He was fond of playing cricket, tennis golf, and some other games. But he decided to start his professional career with cricket. He joined the Titans Cricket Team in 2003 and was soon chosen for the international team.  Despite being a good batsman, he was also a remarkable fielder. In 2010, 2014, and 2015, he was awarded the “ICC Player of the Year“. He became a captain in 2012 and further improved his skills. His full name was Abraham Benjamin de Villiers.

Chris Gayle:

He is known as the “Six Machine” and was born in September 1979 in Jamaica. He is a Jamaican cricketer, but he also plays for West Indies on an International level. His father was a police officer, and they were very poor. He joined the Lucas Cricket Club at the age of around 19 years. Soon he was selected for the international team of South Africa. He made three centuries against India in 2002 and got famous. The first international match of his life was also against India. In 2005, He was diagnosed with cardiac dysrhythmia and got recovered. He won the “Players of Champion Trophy” in 2006. He made the first century in Twenty-Twenty World Cup.

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