Top Eleven Most Beautiful Birds in the World


ALLAH has created a diverse variety of all animals, mammals, etc. Similarly, he has also created birds that are very different from each other. Some birds are dangerous, some are cute, and some of them are beautiful. A few of such beautiful birds which have made the world beautiful with their beauty are described below:

Rainbow Lorikeets:

This beautiful specie of parrots is found in the regions of Australia. They like to eat fruits, especially the nectar of flowers. Males live with their females for life. They like to do everything in groups and are brave birds. They like to spend most of their time eating. But with time, due to the destruction of forests, their number is decreasing. We should promote forestation in the world so that we could save their habitat. By doing our duty, we can help in ensuring their safety.

Gouldian Finches:

These beautiful finches are found in the areas near the Australia. Their food is mainly seeds of different plants or vegetables, but they also eat insects. When they are present anywhere, they don’t make noises like other birds. They also don’t like people to take care of them or keep them as a pet. They continue moving in search of food and water. Males are more colourful tan females and can also be trained in singing. Their average life span is 4-6 years, but can live longer if survived. They are large eaters and can eat much more amount than their body weight.

Northern Cardinals:

These cute birds are found only in a few countries of the world. They have also been chosen as a state bird by some states of the U.S. They predominantly eat seeds, but also like to eat insects. Males are more bright than females in colour. They don’t migrate unlike many other birds and tend to live in the same area. Both males and females are capable of singing. They are also chosen as a symbol of good luck or their representative in some sports. The Male nourishes the female with food during the breeding seasons.

Golden Pheasant:

These beautiful pheasants are found in the areas like China, Asia, and some other countries. They mostly inhabit the grasslands and forests and many other places like it. Their diet is mainly seeded, but they also eat insects, worms, etc. Males are larger and more colourful than females. They have a  good sense of hearing and also possess a good vision that helps them find their food. They always remain in their habitat in all seasons and don’t migrate. They are decreasing in their number due to deforestation and human abuse. We should provide awareness about the importance of forests all around the world.

Kell Billed Toucan:

Kell billed toucan are found in countries like America, Mexico and some others. They live in forests by making holes in the trees. They eat fruits, insects and some reptiles also. They travel in groups and like to play with each other. They are not good at flying, so keep moving from one stem to the other. They have very long and colourful beak in all other birds of the world. Both male and female nourish their offspring together. They have an average lifespan of 10-20 years.

Blue Jay:

These gorgeous birds are found in the woodlands of Southern and Northern Continents. Their food is composed of seeds of plants and some dry fruits also. Males can’t be distinguished from females, but males are a bit larger. They are brainy birds and can learn fast. They are also used as symbols for some teams in sports. They can become aggressive to protect their food and nest. They live together for their whole life after mating. They can live up to the age of around fifteen years.

Painted Bunting:

These bright birds have inhabited the wide grasslands of America and some Northern countries. They eat seeds, fruits beetles, and other small invertebrates. They get very angry when some unknown bird enters their territory. They live in solitude, except during the mating season. The males also have the ability of singing. They are very gorgeous and give a splendid view when present in the field. They have been listed as endangered due to habitat loss. We should stop cutting forests or provide them with a home to live in.

Victoria Crowned Pigeon:

These pigeons with the natural crown are located in the woods of New Guinea. They can eat plants, seeds, and even small arthropods when hungry. Both males and females live alone, but with each other. They are not friendly to humans and travel in small units. They can learn things fast as they are said to be intelligent. They like to remain clean of the waste and can’t fly farther places. Due to their hunting and loss of habitat, they have declined in number. Struggles are in the process to save them from getting wiped out.

Greater Bird of Paradise:

This strikingly beautiful bird of paradise is found to be inhabited in Eastern countries. Their diet is mainly fruits, plant seeds, and also small arthropods. Males are smaller than females in size. Males perform different types of dance to draw females’ attention. Females are the only ones who nourish their young hatchlings. The utmost beauty of these birds has won the title of birds of paradise. The loss of habitat and the illegal human abuse of hunting have made them endangered. We should do our best so that these gorgeous birds could survive on Earth.

Nicobar Pigeon:

These small pigeons have inhabited the woody grasslands of some Asian countries. Their food is the same as other birds, they eat shrubs, herbs, and also small insects. They don’t often migrate from one place to the other. Males are larger than females, and they live together for life. They are social and also fly at a great speed. The males do many things for days to attract the females for mating. They live for about 10-15 years and are endangered. The habitat destruction and the massive hunt by humans have decreased their population drastically.

Scarlet Macaw:

These beautiful parrots are found in the forests of some Southern and Eastern Countries. They are vegetarian, but also eat insects. They live in large groups and make a lot of noise. This bird is the national bird of Honduras, America. The male and female live with each other for a lifetime. These are very intelligent birds and also capable of mimicry. They can easily blend in the forests, which helps them to escape from predators. They have a very long lifespan of around 60 years and above.

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