Top Eleven Most Endangered Animals in the world


ALLAH has created millions of species of animals, birds, and many other creatures on Earth. Some of them are so splendid and beautiful that we can’t even look away from them. But a human has always been a great rival of these marvellous artefacts of nature. He became the ultimate threat to their existence on Earth. He hunted them for money, for fun, and for making weapons from their body parts. As a result, a lot of iconic species are near extinct. A few of them have been described below:


This rarest specie of mammals is found in the mountains of Vietnam and Laos. They prefer to live in thick forests with a continuous supply of water. Their food is mainly herbs, fruits, and vegetables because they are herbivorous. They like to live in solitude, that’s why they are not seen often. The males fight with each other to impress the females for mating. They were first discovered in the 1990s and have short horns. Their continuous illegal hunt has declined their number to an alarming situation. Now they have been added to the endangered species on Earth due to human abuse.


These endangered species of fish are found in the regions of the Gulf of California. Their food is mainly small marine animals like fish and cephalopods. They are a bit social as they travel in groups of two. Males are smaller than females in size. They are being hunted since their discovery for money and other purposes. It has led to a significant decrease in their number. They are very shy and can be spotted with the help of echo machines. They are at the risk of extinction, and we should create opportunities for their better survival.


These are the heaviest of their kind and are found in the areas of New Zealand. Their food consists of large leaves, fruits, and other such things. They produce a sweet smell to attract the females and also the predators unintentionally. They go in search of food, usually in the darkness of night. They are the only parrots that can’t fly but are good climbers. They are loving in nature and have the longest lifespan of their kind. The destruction of their habitat has led them to the door of extinction. Measures have been taken for their safety recently, but we should also play a part in their survival.


These rare species of apes are found in the forests of the Asian Islands of Sumatra and Borneo. The food range has a wide variety and can eat anything, mostly vegetables, fruits, leaves, etc. Males are larger than the female ones in size. They like to live alone and also are intelligent species. They like to swing around the trees and build their nests for sleeping. They are now declared endangered because of their hunting. Another factor in their decline in number is their very slow rate of reproduction. Now, they are being protected by society, and the chances of their survival have increased.


This rare generation of crocodiles is found mostly in the areas of the Indian Subcontinent and Nepal. Their food is mainly fishing, but also eat some mammals and other species. They like to live in the water most of the time. They are very long in size as compared to other crocodiles. They have a long snout that has made them efficient hunters. Humans are erasing the forests and lakes for cropping and urbanization. It has led to the destruction of the habitat of Gharials, and now they have been declared endangered. We should also care for the habitats of other animals, otherwise, our ecosystem will get disturbed.


These astonishing mammals are found in the forests of the Asian and African continents. Their food is mainly the small insects, and they eat millions of insects per year. They like to hunt during the night and possess no teeth. When they feel threatened, they use their scales and tails as their defensive mechanism. The males are much heavier than the females. Their trafficking rate is very high as compared to other mammals. Their sense of hearing is much better than their eyesight. They have been declared endangered all over the world. We should participate to stop their hunt and trafficking.

Hispaniolan Solenodon:

These rare mammals are found in the forests of Hispaniola. Their food is  majorly composed of insects, but they also eat fruits, leaves, herbs, etc. They produce a venom that instantly paralyses their prey after a bite. Their best time to find the prey is at night. They are considered to be the most ancient mammal species. Due to the introduction of predators and the destruction of their habits, they are at the brink of destruction. Measures have been taken to provide safety for their survival in the wild. We should also take responsibility so that these creatures could live longer.

Sea Turtles:

These beautiful marine turtles are found in the waters of the whole world. Their food is marine grass and many other species there. These turtles are very large and only a few of them in thousands survive at birth. They are migratory and travel long distances, but always come back home. The birth of a male or female depends upon the outside temperature. They remove the salts from their body by shedding tears. They can remain in the water for hours and are very old species. They are greatly threatened with extinction due to their continuous illegal trafficking. We will have to save them from vanishing on Earth. And we can do that by reducing plastic pollution and habitat destruction.

Elephant Shrew:

These mammals are found in different regions, mostly the dry areas of Africa. Their food is mainly insects, and they hunt them in the daylight. They like to live in solitude and come near females during the mating seasons. They are good jumpers and also famous for running fast. They have long ears, eyes, and strong legs that help them to escape from their predators. The colour of their fur varies with different species. They have been listed as endangered due to the loss of habitat for making cities and agricultural lands. We should make strategies to ensure their survival on land.

Polar Bears:

These marine mammals are found in polar regions of the world. They mostly eat seals, but they can also eat other marine animals. They are very good at swimming and also remarkable runners. They can travel long distances in the water while swimming. They like to live alone and have a high sense of smell. They can harness heat in their body for a long time due to their thick fur. They have been listed as endangered species due to climate change. They live on the sea ice, but due to increasing temperature, the ice is melting. It has led to the threatening situation of their habitat loss.


These ancient mammals are found in different continents of the world, like Asia and Africa. They are herbivorous in their food and eat leaves, vegetables, shrubs, etc. They can run very fast and produce different sounds. They have poor eyesight, but have a great sense of smelling and hearing. Some species of them can swim efficiently and some can’t. Males prefer to be alone, but females like grouping. Their continuous and enormous hunt for decades has put them on the brink of extinction. Only a few of them have been left and are listed endangered. We should stop their massacre and think about their survival.

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