Top Eleven Most Powerful Animals in the World


The world is full of wonderful animals like poisonous, powerful, smaller, bigger, etc. Some are recognized due to their poisons and some due to their strength. Some are famous for their beauty and some because of size etc. A few of them which are powerful due to their great strength are described below:


These big animals are found in the different areas of Central Africa. Male gorillas are heavier than female ones. They are usually shy and hide during the rain. They eat leaves, fruits, shrubs, and also some insects. They are calm in their behavior and very responsive to their children. They have longer arms and walk with the support of their hands. They live in small units and build their nest for resting. They are intelligent, and it has also been proved to some extent.

Musk Ox:

These ancient animals are found in the Arctic Zones of Canada and Greenland. They have also been introduced in other areas of the world to increase their population. They were used for transportation purposes a long time ago. They eat stems, vegetables, fruits, and grass. Their whole body is covered with wool, protecting them from the intense cold. If they feel threatened, they surround their offspring and protect them. They use their hooves to get food present below the ice. They impress the females by fighting with each other. They release a musky substance to attract the females toward them.

Dung Beetle:

These are the strongest in the world of insects. And found all over the world except in intense cold countries. They can lift about fifteen to thirty times their own weight. They play an important role in our environment by consuming dozens of animal wastes. But now their number is decreasing because of the medicines used for cattle. These medicines have decreased the capability of beetles to reproduce. Females lay their eggs in the dung for further development. They can even fly with the help of an antenna.

Grizzly Bear:

They are found mostly in the forests of Canada and America. Their food is mainly the herbs, but they can also eat fish and rodents. Males like solitude and are heavier than females. For hibernation in winter, they eat a lot of food to store fat. Hibernating duration of females is much longer than that of males. They are good swimmers and also run very fast. They can sustain the cold due to their fur and have a remarkable sense of smell. Males only come near to the females when they need to mate.

Leaf Cutter Ant:

It is a splendid creature of nature that farms its own food. These are found in different areas of America. Their work is a terrific example of a well-organized community. Each ant performs its duty assigned to it with responsibility. Their food is actually the fungus growing upon the leaves. There are millions of ants even in a single nest where they feed on fungus. Their main head is their queen, who produces offspring. They kill other insects who are wandering around their nest.


These are found in the different parts of the Asian Continent. These live in the forests, and also in the mountain. They are carnivores, so their food is primarily the meat of any animal. They are a little heavier than compared to the lions. They hunt during the darkness of night so that no one could notice them. Human is their only rival, and they have killed thousands of humans in the past. They remain alone except when they need to mate with the female tiger. If we talk about their nature, they always take their revenge.

Rhinoceros Beetle:

These are considered to be the second-strongest insects in the world after dung beetles. They are found mostly in rain forests of America. They are also famous as elephant beetles because of their size. They can lift about 850 times their weight. The males fight with each other to have mated with the females. They are mainly herbivores in diet and also eat rotten plants. They can’t survive the cold during winter days. They have horns and use them for defensive purposes.


These are located mostly in the forests of the Amazon. They are called good swimmers and can remain in the water for a short period. They are not poisonous, but kill their prey by constricting it. They vary in their food and can eat from small to large animals. The female anaconda is larger than the male. The green anaconda is the largest snake of its kind. They like to live in muddy areas, and wet places, and are also present on trees. Scientists say that they can even kill a human. So we should be very careful of them, otherwise, we can lose our life.


These are found in the different parts of the Asian and African Continent. They are the largest and heaviest of all animals except whales. Their skin is very sensitive and has a remarkable memory. They use mud to protect their skin from sunlight. Their food is vegetables, herbs, fruits, etc. They also possess the feelings like humans. They have also been the great contributors to the wars of the old days. They are killed simply for their tusks. We should take measures for their safety and number.


These are found predominantly in Asian and African lands. If we talk about their size, they are in the second number after tigers among cats. They travel in small units and males protect these groups. They are the fastest and most brilliant killers of animals. As they are carnivores, they eat animals, no matter small or large. Actually, these are females who do the killing, and males provide protection. They protect their units from their rivals like tigers and hyenas. All lions in a group live in harmony and also care for each other’s offspring.


These are found in the different parts of Asia, Africa, and European countries. Eagles have been a symbol of many things in history in different cultures. They vary in their food, as some prefer marine food and a few prefer mammals. They keep an eye on their prey through their amazing eyesight. The size of their wingspans varies according to their habitat. Male and female eagles live together throughout their life. They can carry the prey of much larger weight, up to 6-7 kg. There is a great demand for their feathers in North America.






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