Top Facts About the Importance of Help in our Life(1)


ALLAH has given us a gift that is help, it carries its prime importance in various forms. It has stabilized the world for so long due to its diverse and significant aspects. The world is like a pandora’s box, and help is the only thing that has kept its stories in good order. Help has played a role in the liberation of the oppressed from poverty, enslavement, and many other bad faces like that. So help has been our weapon against oppression and a friend on our side. Some of its beautiful aspects are described below:

Help and Pride:

The word pride falls in two conditions which we have known so far:

  • Pride, is when a person thinks that he is something and tries to devalue others. We can say that it is the bad version of pride. Because in this the person thinks that he is a man of great status, others are just insects, and they have no right to live or be helped. So he tries to humiliate them. This pride leads to the self-destruction of that person and his end is helplessness, humiliation, pain, and suffering. Because where ALLAH gives reward for the good deeds, HE also punishes for bad deeds.
  • Pride, this pride is more related to the help. Actually, there are two-person involved, the one who is helping and the one who is being helped, both have pride.

When a person helps someone, it leads to the destruction of pride that has in him, and he becomes humble. He thinks that he is nothing but the man whose purpose is to serve ALLAH and HIS creation. When he thinks like that and when his deeds show that he is helpful to others, his self proud vanishes with time. He becomes humble and a helping hand to others and ALLAH ALMIGHTY  begins to bestow HIS blessings on him and his end occurs on faith in ALLAH. That is the reward given by ALLAH to those who are helpful to others

Now there is another person who is being helped. His pride does not allow him to take help from others, which is also a good thing. He says that he will seek help only from ALLAH. And so he says no to everyone’s help. And such a person is also rewarded. Other people of this same category are those who accept help because they say that it is help from ALLAH. This is also a good belief that a person is also rewarded.


The First-person thinks that ALLAH  will create opportunities for helping him. The second person thinks that ALLAH has helped him through others. Both are rewarded because they believe that ALLAH is the one who helps. Everything happens by HIM.


Helping others diminishes one’s pride and creates humbleness in him. In this way, he gets close to ALLAH and is rewarded by HIM. Those who don’t leave their Self – pride are ruined because pride is the word that only and only belongs to ALLAH.

Help and Development:

Development can be in any field and aspect of life. A person can develop individually or with the help of others. Likewise, we can say about the nation and country. It can’t grow individually, but can develop with the help of many people and groups.


Importance of the group work is very special. Because when different people are working for the same purpose, for the same task, we can fulfil it immediately. But if a single person is performing the same task, it can’t be fulfilled on time. It causes a decrease in the development of a nation in any aspect.
When different people struggle as a group, a nation can develop gradually. Because there is the famous proverb that “United we stand, divided we fall“. If the people are sincere for themselves, for their people, for their nation, and their country, we can develop, Because there are the people who make the country prosper. If the people are not sincere in their duties to their people and nation, they can never compete in the unstoppable race of world development.


If they can’t compete in the developmental race, they will be left behind. And their fate will be very bad. They will be forgotten, they will be wiped out from the pages of history. No one will ever remember them, one will ever talk about them. People would never know that there had been a nation ever. Shortly they will be removed from their existence in history, in the world, in society, and every aspect.


The reason is that they never helped each other, they never helped their people. They had never thought about their nation, they had never thought about their country. This recklessness and this selfishness led to their massive catastrophe in the world. What they did was just thought about themselves and their development. No doubt they grew individually, but they could not grow as a nation. Because they never played a minor role in the national development.


The only lesson we can get from this is that where we are working for our growth in different aspects of life, we should also play a small part for our people, nation, and country. So that we could compete in the world and make our mark in history. In this way, we’ll be remembered in history and also by the people.


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