Top Facts About the Importance of Help in our Life(2)


ALLAH has always been merciful to its creation since the beginning. He gave us a pearl of help that helped us win the differences between us. It has been our lightning rod in the darkness of slavery, in the sea of debts, and many other such faces of our society. Some of its benefits are described below:

Helping Yourself:

Helping someone is a great passion, when a person helps someone and tries to create ease for him, then he feels an inner satisfaction that leads to inner peace. When we help someone, we can sleep easily. Because of the feeling that today, we have helped someone who needed that help. This feeling of release helps him to get better in life and increase his circle of helping others.


Helping others also leads to the creation of something special in a person that persuades that person to widen his beneficence for others. So we can conclude that help is a passion of self-satisfaction, a feeling of a trajectory of selflessness around oneself. So one should believe that helping others is a reward for ourselves because it is a true aspect.


Now the question arises, that reward of what? We can say that the reward of selflessness, the reward of feeling for others, the reward of satisfaction, the reward of sweet sleep, dreams, happiness, good deeds, and many more things like that. But for us to achieve that, we’ll have to hard work, do a good thing for others, do help others, and much more aspects. Shortly, it is the reward of inner peace.


The lesson it gives us is that, helping someone is also helpful for that person who is helping. The reason is, that at that time he is also growing his spiritualism. Also, helping the good part of him to dominate the other bad parts. Parts that ask him not to help others, not to be fruitful for others. So we should also try to help others and must create some opportunities for the people in need, which will lead to an increase in our willpower to do good things.
So help people so that someday when you require help, others could also help you fulfil your need. Because ALLAH always rewards the good deeds and no one’s good deeds are wasted. So always try to be helpful to others and always try to create ease for the needy people.

Help and Demoralization:

Help where is a good thing and creates humbleness, it also leads to the demoralization of a person. The only way it can lead to demoralization is when you make yourself entirely dependent on others. A person has pride and a value in him, but it starts to diminish when a person always relies on others.

There is a famous proverb that God helps those who help themselves. When a person says that others should help him and do his work, it is the time when he starts to devalue himself. Because dependence on others leads to the destruction of his moral values and his self-pride. He does not think about his honour or respect in getting others’ help, which leads to his demoralization.
This is the aspect that leads to demoralization.


The only reason is the laziness of that person that makes him take others’ help and do nothing by himself. Laziness is the first step he takes that leads to his self-devaluation and makes him an example for others.


Laziness leads to dependence on others. Dependence leads to self-demoralization and devaluation. That leads to his social fall in the world, and he is avoided by everyone he knew to be his friend, No one treats him in a good way. No one wants him to be his friend. Everyone tries to humiliate him. All we can say is that a lazy, dependent person ruins his own life by his laziness.


We should not depend upon others for our needs. We should not show laziness because it’s bad for ourselves and also for our work. The lazy person never succeeds in his life and also suffers in this world because he can’t live on his own and can’t fulfil his deeds.If we’ll do our work by ourselves, we’ll succeed, and also we’ll live happily. Because hard work never gets wasted and ALLAH always gives the reward for hard work, this reward can be late or immediate. So we should always work hard and depend on ourselves so that we can have a better and more joyful life.

Help and Peace:

Peace is the stability of every aspect of society, nation, and country. When there is peace, people live in harmony and share their sufferings and pain. In this way, they lessen their burden. And some things are necessary for the maintenance of peace. One of these aspects is help. Help is the key component of a peaceful society, nation, and country. Without help, we can’t make a peaceful environment.


Help has a great role in the creation of peace. When we help someone, when we try to create ease for others, we are helping peace to dominate in society. Because, when people are in need and no one helps them, the first thing that develops in them is hatred for those who can help, but don’t. In this hatred starts to spread in the society and people hate each other which leads to the destruction of a peaceful society.


When people don’t help each other, the needy ones tend to do crimes to fulfil their needs because there is no other way left for them. This leads to an increase in the rates of crimes and society befalls before the destruction. And the peace of the nation undergoes fall.


The only reason is they refuse to help others. It creates hatred in them for others, which leads to crimes. And criminal society can’t develop because crime is the largest hindrance to a peaceful society and the largest support to the chaos.


If we want to live in a peaceful society, we’ll have to create a peaceful society. And we can create it by helping others. If we’ll help others and try to fulfil their needs, their heart will flourish with love for those people. And when love spreads in society, the crime rates automatically decrease, which results in the domination of peace.So we want that our children could grow up in a society whose creation is based on peace, we’ll have to convince the people to help the needy and poor. This is the only way we can survive in this world peacefully.

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