Top Facts About the Urdu Literature of Pakistan


Urdu is the literature of Pakistan, and it is very old in its origin. It originated in the Indian subcontinent when Muslims and Hindus used to live together, Later after the creation of Pakistan, it was declared the national language of Pakistan. We can say that Urdu is a subject and there are several topics in it. Some of them are described below:

About Poetry:

Urdu poetry is the greatest inheritance of Urdu literature. Many great poets have played their role in this aspect to increase its vastness. Nowadays, we read their inheritance in our school books and increase our knowledge. This field of poetry is so vast that we can’t afford its knowledge at one time. Thanks to those great poets who had poured their emotions, thoughts, and views into the verses. Many great poets are still playing their role in this field. And also inspiring many others to take part in it.


Poetry is a great source of inspiration for people, especially for the young generation. That inspiration can inspire people both spiritually and romantically. It can have both, good and bad effects. It depends on the people’s mindset and how they take it.                                                                                                                 If they take it as a bad inspiration, then it can lead to bad effects. These bad effects can affect any aspect of life related to that person individually or collectively. If the person who is reading that poetry is in a good mode, it makes him happy. If he is in a bad mood, it makes him sad.

What is Poetry?

When a person feels something, it can be pain, happiness, devotion, or some other emotion, he can transform it into poetry by following its rules. Poetry is a carrier for the person. It carries his thoughts, which can be good or bad. In the same way, it carries its effects.


Poetry is used for many purposes. When there is a need to increase the enthusiasm in the young generation, poetry in many forms plays its role. When there is a need for enjoyment, poetry in the form of songs plays its role to amuse them. When someone wants to express his sadness or happiness, poetry acts as a vessel.


Poetry acts as a passage that allows others to express their emotions, So it is a powerful tool for amusement, feelings, and enthusiasm.


We should encourage it for better purposes, like to create enthusiasm in our generation. We should encourage it so that our Urdu culture could expand much more.

Urdu Nazm:

One of the types of poetry is poems. The poem occupies a large part of poetry. Mostly the poem contains good material, I mean its content is mostly mesmerizing and delightful. Its words are meaningful and carry an inspirational aspect.


Poets have written poems in many aspects. Some of them are described below:


They have written about nature in their content. They have described its beautiful aspects. I have also read many poems. They write that how nature makes the environment so beautiful. They cast the picture of that nature in their poems. That the flowers were blooming, birds branches were sitting on the branches and making voices. The poets say that when the birds are making voices, they are singing and admiring nature.


Many poets have also described the rain in their poems. They take it as the most beautiful and splendid phenomenon of nature. They say that when the rain is raining, strange music comes into being that is so natural that the listening person feels spiritual happiness, His mode changes suddenly, and, begins to enjoy it.


Many poets have cast the history and the events of the past in their poems. They teach the present by explaining the past that what mistakes your ancestors made and what achievements they got. They try to advise the present that doesn’t do that mistakes again, rather follow your ancestors and inspect their achievements, so that you could succeed now and also in the future.


The young generation is very lazy and tries to avoid the facts that we can’t achieve anything if we are lazy. For this purpose, they try to wake them up with their poetry which makes them inspired Because the young generation likes poetry, and they appreciate it. So the poets think that we should inspire through that way, which they admire the most, and that is poetry.


The summary is that poem has vast roles in our life. Poems are an important part of our Urdu literature. These poems provide us with that mental growth that we need in our childhood and adulthood.

Urdu Ghazal:

Ghazal is the favourite, loved, and liked part of Urdu literature. As far as we know, ghazal occupies a much larger portion of Urdu Literature. Many great poets in the past have written such splendid and priceless content in it, that we can’t imagine. These are considered the most valuable asset of Urdu literature, along with other parts. And also that it is the most read part of Urdu literature by the young generation. The young generation adores it the most.

What is a ghazal?

Normally, we consider its meaning in romanticism, and it is true to some extent. Because its larger portion is based on the romantic aspect, it also contains advice, inspiration, and also spiritualism. Mostly its content has double meanings, one the superficial romantic meanings and the second the deep spiritual meanings.
It contains the feeling of a person whose heart is broken or who is in love with someone. We have also read many ghazals, and as far as we know, the poetry in it is mostly based on romantic emotions.


In the past, many great poets had passed and the role they played by writing ghazals in the field of Urdu Literature is remarkable. The content they provided is so amazing that still the young and other generations admire them and take its effects. Some names of great poets of the past are given below:

  • Mirza Abdullah Khan Ghalib
  • Haider Ali Aatish
  • Meer Taqi Meer
  • Sheikh Ibrahim Zauq
  • Momin Khan Momin
  • Faiz Ahmad Faiz
  • Faraz Ahmad Faraz
  • Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi
  • Hasrat Mohani


These are the names of some of those great poets who were the most famous poets of their time. And still, they are the most liked poets of the present generation. There was pain and love in their life. And that combination of pain, love, and grip on the Urdu literature helped them to become a great poet. Poetry is the blessing of ALLAH. Not everyone can be a poet, regardless of the pain and other emotions. The key component of it is the knowledge and the rules of Urdu literature involving poetry.


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